we believe that IT
should work for you anytime
and anywhere (including at home)

It doesn’t matter which of the words ‘should work for you’ you emphasize. IT just has to work for you. This means that we provide a reliable and secure IT environment, which is available to you 24/7. In addition, IT must work for you. We achieve this by connecting different applications, so that you don’t have to search for control information, but are presented to you on a silver platter. This gives you and your colleagues the opportunity to increase productivity in your organization. And it gives you the space to do what you love to do most: demonstrate your entrepreneurship, create opportunities and achieve successes.

Safe and productive

Our customers – in whatever market they operate – ask for productivity. It is really that simple. Our solutions connect infrastructure, IT platforms and software in an innovative way. Just one login, anytime and anywhere, to get access to all the information you need, wherever it is. By default, create and maintain data centrally to be stored uniformly in all applications. Collaborate smartly in shared files and shorten the lead time of business processes. At the same time gain insights into the current statuses of KPIs and tasks at any time. Work efficiently, save time to create new opportunities. Productivity, that’s what it’s all about.

For whom

We like to work for organizations that understand that automation is not a goal, but a means to work more productively. The basis for this consists of an IT environment available 24/7 (increasingly in the cloud), support from an expert helpdesk and transparent costs. In the meantime, we provide worry-free IT to hundreds of different organizations of various types and sizes. Commercial multinationals, healthcare and educational institutions, large and small SMEs, interest groups and also (independent) service providers in various sectors. They all rightly trust our IT solutions with which we increase productivity and digital security in their organization.

We are Avantage

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ISO 27001
NEN 7510
ISAE 3402

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