we believe IT should work for you, always and anywhere


that's the key.

It is what our IT-solutions stand for, by connecting infrastructure, IT- platforms and software in a way that may well be called innovative. And obviously our IT is always safely available, anywhere you like. To us that makes perfect sense.

it-oplossingen wij zijn Avantage trap klanten

New opportunities

Our solutions connect infrastructure, IT-platforms and software in a way that is innovative. Just one log-in is all you need to have access to all the information you want, wherever it is stored. Entities can be centralized and maintained automatically in a uniform way, so as to optimize synergy in all applications and shared files and to minimize business procedures.

Simultaneously they will provide insight into the actual status of your KPI’s and tasks. Working efficiently, saving time to invest in new opportunities; productivity, that’s the key.

Since 1990

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We grow by staying small, which means we value our customer intimacy and contentment above anything else. We have therefore assembled dedicated support teams in order to establish a committed unit of people that thoroughly know and understand you and your IT-network.

Our customers,

that's what it's all about.

We don’t like to make IT more complicated than it is; we just want to clarify it for our customers. We provide both local and international businesses with IT-solutions that contribute to smart and efficient (co)operations.

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